Apr 9, 2007

Arrrrrr Matey!

Predictable, but meh...

Ohhh, you wanted to hear about Margarita Island, right?? Well, that's later, and let me just tell you, frigging FANTASTIC, by the way. And though there's almost no English on the island, they don't hate Americans! Hooray!!!! And between three people, we can speak enough functional Spanish to do quite well, though I'm sure we amused them by collaborating like we were on Family Feud before saying something.

But I promised you pirates, so pirates you'll get, thus I won't try to do some major megablog that incorporates both, particularly since I have so much Venezuela stuff that I'm probably just going to be dropping pictures in here and there. For now, we'll go with pictures of pirates at the Lance Aux Epines party and a couple pictures of the afterparty at Banana's, because if there's one thing we know how to do, it's drink!!!

For reference, here's what Ishie SHOULD have been doing instead of partying... or instead of going on vacation, really:

But instead...

We were not the only ones to abandon studying. The concept of it left some pirates more vehement than others:

Now, I felt pretty tricked out as a pirate, despite realizing that I wasn't dressed ALL that different from how I normally am. Argh. Or Arrrr.... yes... bad pirate humor. You can't escape it. However, once I found myself among other wanderers of the sea, I discovered that some take it VERY VERY seriously:

So seriously, in fact, that I did not bother to enter the costume contest, but merely vehemently cheered for the dear captain with unbridled glee, since he so richly deserved it just for having the brass cohones to take the real sword and not real pistol through customs and explain them.

As the party started to wind down, having sucked down plenty of grog and sulked that the people at the entry gate stole my kickass "P" stamped on the arm ala Pirates of the Caribbean idea and were drawing on on EVERYONE as an entry pass, I headed to Banana's with fellow pirates (Hawaiian pirate and Sublime t-shirt pirate) over to Banana's.

Banana's is the local watering hole for students, stays open until frick-knows-when, has cheap beer, is on the bus route, and is conceivably in staggering distance of campus, though they recommend not careening through the dark at night while inebriated. I've mentioned it before, but here's pictures:

So there you have it!! Next blog... we begin our trip through Isla Margarita con no margaritas! Muchas gracias, Senor Chavez! But here's a taste of what's to come:

Look! It's a birdie!! We'll get into why Little Grr is the only vegetarian on the planet that hates animals such as birdie in our next blog, though perhaps only Grrr could tell you for sure.


Anonymous said...

I do not hate animals!!


Ishie said...

My bad...

Clarification: Grrr does not hate animals. Just the birds. The brightly colored, hook-beaked, evil conniving birds...

Stephen said...

Is that you in the pirate photos, Ish? I ask because, is it my imagination, or have you lost weight?


Ishie said...

Tis I says I! The pirate in the green scarf and the 'pirate' in the Jefferson Airplane tee with the parrot on her shoulder.

And thank you!!!!!

Stephen said...


Oh, there was something I wanted to ask you. Now that I'm a student, i've caught the facebook.com craze like everyone at Oxford. I wondered if you used facebook.com? I tried searching for you on there, but i wasn't sure if i got your surname right.

Might be a good way to keep in touch, especially now that I can't use MSN messenger. I've missed our chats (even if they did get quite rare at times) :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome pirate party. When mention was made of the seriousness with which some take dressing for the event, I was reminded of Ren Faire Haha!

Great pics!

Little Grr...haha (images of said character spring to mind, screaming for tacos)

- Patrick