Apr 4, 2007

Not gonna be homeless!

Now if I can only get the grades that will let me come back! Oh, make it so!

I got an apartment! I got an apartment! I'm heading off to sign the lease later this morning (Wednesday) but I've already put in my down payment for August. Wahoo!

When we last met, I was still desperately trying to find a place to live after abandoning the idea of being grateful for the opportunity to pay 5000 dollars to live in a somewhat rundown apartment with an outside kitchen, and that's if I WON the Grand Anse housing lottery. What I was HOPING for was placement in Superdorm 3 or 4 for the luxury of having my own room, even if I was sharing a place with two other people, who, due to the random nature of the housing lottery, may have been complete strangers. And not large places, though having seen them, nicer than where I'm staying now.

So I won't be going for convenience over cost-effectiveness anymore! After shopping around a bit, talking to some people, I made a call, hopped on a bus, did the tour and handed over the credit card. My place is huge, near Big Fish for added access to being lazy, has a laundry room, twice weekly maid service, basic cable, a tv, microwave, separate sitting area, an OVEN (man, I never realized how much I'd miss an oven with simply making due with a stovetop) etc etc. It's great! It doesn't have Lori's balcony and hammock, but that's what you get for dragging your feet.

And all for about 2 grand less than I'd be paying to live in Grand Anse... and cook outside. So I'm jazzed. I have to pay for electricity though, which means that oscillating fan I grabbed from Spiceland Mall (for 60 EC! Sweet deal!) is going to get some serious work. I think it'll be nice to have my own place too, because I am answerable to no one and can wander around my facilities at three in the morning in my underwear making raw meat sandwiches and singing "Boys of Summer" off-key... or perhaps I've said too much.

Speaking of living by myself, my awesome roommate moved out, which means hopefully she jumped at the enviable shot of getting a single (even with an awesome roommate, sharing the same sleeping quarters with another person can be a drain on your average 24-26 year old) rather than jumping at the opportunity to get away from a not so awesome roommate (namely, me), but I tried to vomit quietly during midterms!

Truth be told, it's kind of strange by this age to be expected to share the *sleeping* quarters for many people for first term. I'm midrange on age, but some people are older and have come from owning homes or living with a spouse to now sharing their bedroom with, in many cases, someone they met the first day they moved in. That's rough. I got off quite lucky with my roommate, but I have heard some horror stories that makes me think that with all the stresses of medical school, the additional interpersonal skills it takes to cohabitate with someone who may be INSANE (like me!). Even coordinating sleeping schedules, when sleep is such a precious commodity in med school, adds that tiny extra bit of stress that med students don't need.

Or maybe I'm spoiled. I dunno. But I have an apartment for second term! Which is where I'll be getting my party on when I'm not over at Lori's mooching off her sweet sweet porch or swiping homecooked Indian food from my new second term neighbor Nina, aka Little Grr (and don't worry; I won't tell the story, L.G.).

Speaking of L.G., she, David, and I (and mom, I'm sure there's a grammar error in there, and I don't care, because I'm hardcore) have rightfully secured airline tickets, AND thanks to David, hotel accommodations, in Margarita Island! So this weekend's a go! The hotel is about 25 miles from the airport, but it's all good. Gives us a chance to see the island a bit, right? (she asked innocently).

I mentioned the pirate party in Lance aux Epines. Since the viewer numbers indicate you guys like pictures, I'll be posting the pictures from that and the afterparty at Banana's on my next blog, but for now, you're just gonna have to wait! Mwa ha!

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