Apr 6, 2007


Well, in a couple hours, but the howling outside is awakening, to say the least... The "Shhhhs" are already starting down the hall. My my, sound does carry through the dorms, as does the voice of the person who got the requisite role of 'bad guy' by asking people to keep it down. Heh heh.

I'm leaving for Venezuela today, which means I'll see you lovely people on Easter Sunday, just in time to uncelebrate Hugo Chavez's impromptu ban on alcohol over most of Easter weekend and hope the bartenders take pity on me. If not, hey, it's all good, right? And I can get trashed Sunday night here.

So, I won the on campus waitlist housing lottery. Heh. I actually got notice on the day (Wednesday) that I signed the lease with my new apartment for next term. I think I'll be happier there anyway, quite frankly. More space, better sitting area, and honestly, the noise in the halls every night does start to wear, as does having to share any part of my domicile with other human beings.

Well, back to bed to bed, but happy token spring holiday to you all and Wahoo!!! Margarita!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

slappy said...

happy spring!
the pollen here is falling like snow.
and we have two cats.
i can't breathe. . .

have fun on the mainland!!!

(take lotsa pics)