Apr 26, 2007

Time Flies...

When you're cramming in your last study efforts in the last week and a half before finals! AIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

I'm feeling PRETTY prepared (not like 'take the tests tomorrow' prepared, but like, I think with another week and a half I can avoid failure), but still trying to avoid the freakout sessions. In the meantime, of course, stuff happens, but I don't blog it because I'm alternating between laziness and productivity, neither of which lends itself easily to blog posting, but let's see....

I went diving on Sunday, and while I didn't get all that much done in the way of getting my study groove on, I did see these little babies!

The vicious, the terrible shark!!! Observe the shark in its natural habitat as it irritably attempts to remove itself from divers and their flashy cameras. Also notable as my first REAL shark (kinda), horn sharks not withstanding, because they're wannabe sharks. Of course, many would state that nurse sharks, despite at least being BIG enough to mess you up, are also wannabe sharks. Phil also pointed out a reef shark during the dive, which was massively cool.

We did our first dive on the Atlantic side and managed to make it to the Hema-001, a ship that went down in 2005. Broken up, but a really cool (and big!) wreck. We backrolled in negatively weighted, swam for the anchor line and then shot down the line before any wayward currents could grab us, and what did we see RIGHT as we hit bottom (around 100')? SHARK!!!! I was an idiot and didn't have the camera settings right for that one, or the other one we followed around the side of the wreck, but Pete pointed out the above little beauty napping under part of the ship, and sure enough, I managed to snap off a few (backscattery) shots before s/he finally got pissed and swam off. Sorry sharky.

Put myself a wee bit in deco, but totally worth it, and I had the air to hang an extra couple of minutes at 10 feet anyway, so my computer (who is SUCH a nag) let me do the next dive.

The Atlantic side was a bit rough and a guy on board was REALLY feeling it (thank you, seasick patch!), so we opted to do the second dive (after giving up on Fisherman's Paradise) on the Caribbean side, and hit Purple Rain, which is absolutely beautiful. COOL little snake eel and the first one I've gotten a half decent picture of, and a stingray!! Everyone saw a couple squid except for me, because as a photographer, I only see what's through the LCD. D'oh!

As a quick addendum, and to quell my parents (love you guys!!!), a quick photo journey around the mangrove swamps of Venezuela. Yes, in that picture, those things on the mangrove roots are OYSTERS!!! There were also crabs, soft corals, starfish and all manner of life. VERY awesome, and more importantly (since I'm heading to bed), not requiring of a lot of text! Enjoy!

Our chariot awaited!!!!

Aforementioned oysters

Can't beat the view!

Mangrove swamp streetsigns. Also... should it be dedicated to the good sir's MANY loves? That sounds like an invitation to an asswhuppin by some ticked off mistresses.

More of grrr's archnemeses. It's like the island was full of em!!

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Anonymous said...

well, i dont know if birds are my archnemeses...but i am a baby tiger you know...what did you expect? :P