Apr 18, 2007

The Real World: SGU

We've picked 10 adults to live in dorms, be continually stressed out, and attend medical school while we record their generally uninteresting lives and splice the fun bits into sufficiently interesting bits that it makes Chico State look like a nunnery. Find out what happens when people stop being nice and starting being partial to asinine ideas that might score them 15 minutes of fame, and all it will cost them is a good residency.

The Real World: SGU. Except it would be on the Oxygen network, so maybe it would just be a bunch of female SGU students (and I so do NOT volunteer) talking about menstruation, but more importantly, having to stick together as female medical students because it's a MAN'S WORLD, baby. And then two of them would jump into a convertible, and while being chased by the entirety of the Grenadian police force, they'd drive off a cliff. And somewhere... there would be Brad Pitt. He was even presented in one of our lectures demonstrating the "danger zone" of the face because if you pick a zit there, apparently, you like... die or something. So now, every time I picture Brad Pitt, I will picture him squeezing pus out of a pimple on his nose. Thank you for that, SGU. Fight Club just doesn't seem the same.

On that reality show shit, I'm not freaking kidding. The Oxygen network wants to do a show here and the school wants student feedback, so if you want me, I'll be the one at the meeting tomorrow imitating Dr. Cox from Scrubs screaming "'Nay', 'nay', a thousand times 'nay!'"

The show, Scrubs (and House, which I saw tonight!), by the way, is one of few remaining on television that actually has writers, not having been infected by the virus that is reality television. For those of you that want to write defending how your one reality show isn't like the others, please direct all comments to the Recycle Bin lest I offend too many people by going full rant mode on American Idol, which I keep being subjected to the last ten minutes of because I have to guard the television for when House comes on. And who the hell came up with that pairing??? Standoff was better. C'mon! Peter from Office Space?

No reality shows at SGU PLEASE. It's going to be hard enough being IMGs without being portrayed as a complete school full of rum guzzling (I said 'rum', perverts) party animals. When we're blowing off steam, please let it not be televised?

And speaking of parties, I'll keep blogging the pictures from Margarita. Right now it's anatomy time since my brain has officially overloaded (there was smoke and the smell of burning plastic and everything) from doing NINE DAYS of biochem. Televise that, suckas.


Anonymous said...

I am in full agreement with you...but you knew that...and when is that meeting anyways? We should organize a group to go en mass....ok maybe i take this too seriously, but lord knows what's going to happen to our job opportunities if this hits us...


slappy said...

Egad, not oxygen too. I was holding that network in such high-esteem already, what with the VC Andrews TV adaptations and the "Not Without My Daughter" marathon.
TV sucks. Except nickelodeon. THAT is where all the clever writing is.

Anonymous said...

Reality TV shows are eevil *shudders* I will not rant in your blog comments

- Patrick