Jun 1, 2008

Who am I?

After fighting with my attacks of sloth, I determined last evening (after yet again, killing time) that today would be a productive one. I've made this promise to myself many times, which usually means I'm going to be somewhere between marginally productive and moderately productive, which will also involve killing somewhere between 4-6 hours of pure, not-really-enjoyable, unadulterated procrastination. This differs somewhat from my just "screw it, I'm recreating" periods where at least I'm enjoying my time off and doing stuff that is more representative of living on an island in the Caribbean rather than watching Dharma and Greg reruns (I'm not proud).

Today, on the other hand, I got up at my normal late time, and then proceeded to do 8 nutrition lectures, 1 path lecture, my dishes while listening to path review lectures, and my laundry.

This is so confusing... it's like I don't know who I am anymore.

On the other hand though, minus the laundry, dishes, and more note-writing-pause-frequently path lecture, the addition of Sonic Foundry to my life means that all this productivity essentially consisted of me lying on the couch watching "tv" for about 10 hours, while periodically shoving a can of corn under my right scapula because I've actually strained a muscle due to *taking notes* and am trying to work the kink out without having to learn to be ambidextrous.

Wanna feel out of shape? Injure yourself more while studying than you do while hiking through a rainforest.

On the plus side, I'm not alone. The people without study-related back pain are probably in the minority; I know a few people who've started on sciatic sciatica from having to sit for so long (I've carefully avoided that one by rotating between couch, chair and bed so that all parts of my body are being equally abused), neck strain, muscle aches, hypertension, hypoglycemia. Essentially, despite 8 nutrition lectures, the most I've learned is that the worst thing you can possibly do to your health short of injecting heroin and bacon fat through a dirty needle into your eye socket, is attend medical school.

BUT I have clean clothes! And some nutrition may have been sinking in because on Friday, I stocked up my backpack with stuff from fruit/veg guy to try to attempt to wean off my fully vitamin-free diet of simple carbohydrates largely prepared by tossing in a microwave with water (top ramen, I'm looking in your direction).


RedBIrd said...

"injecting heroin and bacon fat through a dirty needle into your eye socket"

you know, the law of internet probability states that because you imagined it, there is going to be a website somewhere devoted to this (if there isn't, someone will read this and create one). It will most likely involve porn. And in 6 weeks, it'll show up in your inbox.

Ishie said...

And I'm seeing this trend coming from ... hmm... let me hold this envelope to my forehead, I'm gonna go ahead and say Japan?

I'm hoping it doesn't show up in my inbox though. The last thing I need is spam when I'm waiting for that Nigerian prince to email me back.

What will be fun is the kind of viewers that come to this website by googling "heroin eye socket". Makes me want to put in a bunch of weird keywords just to screw with em. ;)

Anonymous said...

i got here by googling "heroin eye socket"...