Jun 9, 2008

Nutrition final

Well, that sucked.

And not sucked in a "gee, that was hard" sort of way. Sucked in a sort of poorly written, convoluted answers, tons of random memorized numbers, misdirection in the lectures, fairly deviant from the lecture objectives, sort of way.

Instead of focusing on the objectives, key concepts, and the like, instead we were tested on such critical things as being able to rearrange calories and kilojoules (which fortunately, I can do), memorize exact protein intakes, and a few cases, analyze a patient who's history promised complexity for which none was given. Example, how you assess and recommend for someone's vitamin D status depends largely on how much time they spend outside, their skin color, and their location, ie, you are going to give a different recommendation to a Caucasian bike messenger in San Diego than you are to a dark-skinned African-American woman who works the hospital night shift in Northern Missouri.

So that was really irritating. And now, I get to suck it up, lament the time I spent studying for that waste of a class when I could have been studying for path, which I now have two weeks to get caught up in, and prep for my PD quiz today, which also would have been time better spent.

Sad part is that in nutrition, I actually watched all the lectures, stayed pretty up on the material, and read all the lecture notes pretty carefully while taking notes, despite the fact that it was boring the crap out of me and making me long for the fascination of endocrine pathology, and I feel pretty much like it was for nothing.


Anonymous said...

Hey. I don't know how I came across this blog. I think I was searching for something grenada-related on google. Anyways, I'm a fourth term student too and YES, that nutrition exam sucked. A bunch of people are going to Dr. Rao to complain about Dr. Williams not dropping any one of those ridiculous questions and about the Nutrition course in general and you should too. I reccommend that all of us who feel the same way should go and talk to Rao. It can't hurt. Case in point, Micro, which it helped with for that IRAT crap. So yeah, a bunch of people are going to talk to him, including a few SGA reps. Just thought I'd let you know.

Ishie said...

Hi there!

Sounds like a great idea. Also some people were talking about writing to Dr. Saeed, since he was the original course director.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you guys do, don't mess with Dr. CW. His ties in Grenada run REAL DEEP.

Be careful, friend.

Ishie said...

It does kind of seem, sometimes, like there's a path mafia sort of situation going on.

It would be nice for students to have some kind of recourse... or at least to have the original course directors and save the path suffering for path alone.

Diana said...

Are you warning of academic danger here or actual physical threat?

Anonymous said...

It's so funny that I stumbled upon this blog. I'm literally still stewing abou this nutrition final while trying to study for path. Last I heard there was some sort of meeting going on Tuesday. Was anything decided? Have they announced anything?

Ishie said...

Hi there!!!

I'm not surprised people are still stewing about nutrition. Sucked AND a giant waste of time they plopped quite literally dead center of the real stuff.

Only thing I've heard was the announcement in class that they're talking to the dean, but that's the last I heard. Only other stuff's been grapeviney of the extremely high proportion of people that failed, including some of the real top scorers in our class.