May 27, 2008

Back to it

Yes, killing a week for post-exam recovery does have consequences; who knew?

Nutrition's started, which is a quickie two unit course that has replaced microbiology in the tight schedule that is our lives, which you wouldn't know from reading this stuff since I typically only write down what I recreate since "Hour 6 of Female Genital Pathology: Contemplated chewing off own face" gets boring.

So far my impression of nutrition has been that it's easier than micro, which naturally gives it huge bonus points for me, and allows me to focus in more on path for the final stretch.

What does end up typically getting neglected, is Physical Diagnosis, which is a shame. One, the lectures are at an awful time, and I'm a terminal truant anyway, and they aren't on sonic, which combined with getting utterly eclipsed by path, and to a lesser extent up until last Friday, micro, means I don't tend to devote the same time to it.

Problem being that Advanced Clinical Skills/Physical Diagnosis (probably combined with path) is one of the most important classes in med school, and includes labs that are generally fun and involve real doctoring, though I still cannot successfully percuss to save my life. Need more wrist action and better aim.

So I'm trying to bring myself to care more about it on principle, since I no longer have trying to maintain micro as an excuse, and for nutrition, they (I hope) are realizing it.

In other news, they seem to have canceled path lab today without any real notice that I saw, which on the one hand is annoying, and on the other hand, justified taking a study break, and prolongs my slides and concept maps another day that I can use to try and get fully caught up for the week so I can start fresh. I'm not sure the likelihood of that happening, but you know.

Oddly, with the advent of yet more classes, I'm beginning at last to feel refreshed enough to dive in, where I haven't been able to focus this last week, and was concerned that the perpetual burnout would trip me until exams, but I think I'm finally getting my groove back.


Dibasic said...

I think everyone finds percussion hard at first. What you can do is percuss yourself, it might feel a little silly but it's a good way to get practice hearing the different sounds and also to work on technique.

Ishie said...

Good idea! So far, my coffee table's been taking the worst part of my percussive efforts.