Jun 15, 2008

My steam runneth outeth

And such-eth.

Arrrrrgggghhhh, the final stretch is the worst. On the plus side, the last CNS lecture closer was not only by a prof I like, but was 16 minutes long just to tie stuff up, which meant when I saw the length on Sonic I did my little happy dance.

Not really sure why seeing the length on Sonic affects my mood as if I'm tied in for each one until the bitter end, yet when I see 42 minute lectures, I cheer, and when I see 58 minute lecture ones, I groan, as if this somehow affects the amount of information I need to get or decreases my study time. I think, because the conclusion of each feels like progress, and that progress gets closer, as I tally down my "how many lectures I'm behind" count.

Now, I'm determining if the forensic path lectures next week will be the first time I've regularly attended lecture since midway through second term.

In my struggle to continue my streak of procrastination to increase panic mode as we close in, I did some laundry today, though it may have been a good thing, since my normal pre-exam mode thing is to leave it all until I am COMPLETELY out of clothes a day or two before the exam, which of course means I can't do laundry, and of course DOES mean having to sit the exams in my least gnarly pair of scrubs. Coming back from laundry, I saw two guys from my complex taking pictures of what I initially thought, was the pick up truck parked on our lawn. Turns out it was the bull NEXT to the pick up truck, who had wandered into our front yard to munch on the bushes and grass, so to prolong my attempts to not study, I tried to feed him a branch and he licked my hand, but rejected my offering. Picky bulls.

If I ever do get near one of those Looney Tunes style mean scary bulls, I am going to get killed to an extent that will make the coroner vomit. I just don't have the sense to be scared of the things because they look like... well... cows. And cows just don't look scary. Or fast. I'm sure those will be my final thoughts when one outruns me and sticks its horn into my skull.

Speaking of random violence, I saw the last half of 300. It was educational. First, I learned that while it's awesome to watch guys in leather speedos fight, it doesn't make for wildly effective battle protection. Second, I learned that Persians are easier to kill than stormtroopers, and a fair number of them that actually planned ahead and donned armor still managed to get slashed to bits with minimal effort by guys in leather speedos. I'm not sure who to be more embarrassed for. The Persian faction *did* demonstrate some poor planning by piercing everything though. As anyone with hoops or a belly ring that's been to a rock concert knows, this is extremely hazardous, and grows more so when your enemy likes to fight in close combat.

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