Jun 12, 2008

A bit more...

Since I generally complain about exams, but this one was special.

On the plus side, no one can fault the people doing the nutrition exam for not getting our grades out fast enough. I suspect this is because instead of actually reading the giant pile of challenges against what was an extremely poorly written, error-ridden test, they tossed all the challenge sheets into a paper shredder, since the assignment of this term's nutrition was turned over to the path people, and that is how they treat and address all student concerns.

And yes, I got lucky, so no, I'm not protesting on my own behalf. Unfortunately, for a HUGE number of students, including people who'd had 4.0s, people that had never failed a test, people who put forth an admirable bit of effort to try and give this class time in the midst of what is already a hellish term for us without needing extra help, were not so lucky.

This means a number of students now have to reschedule flights at great cost, deal with an "F" on their transcripts, have to deal with recovering from this exam or cope with an "F" for what was an unfairly written exam and keep their spirits up for upcoming exams. And we all have to deal with a department that feels absolutely no accountability whatsoever to the students it serves.

As students, particularly this term, we are constantly badgered about professionalism, and our duty as doctors. We are expected to show up on time, be accountable for our own actions, initially were expected to have a dress code without warning, and conduct ourselves in a manner befitting our future professions. It is not unreasonable to expect that those who instruct us be held to a similar standard.

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