Feb 19, 2008

Stop hiding and start living with... TEQUILA!

Also known for its kicking drumbeat. Tequila!

Though its social benefits don't work well for me, since I'm a rum/vodka/insanely girly drinks person, thus when I drink tequila, I tend to make that hideous tequila/whiskey face people make when they've consumed something similarly toxic... like rancid dog's milk, which doesn't make friends and influence people. Is there a similar effect for the nutmeg-infused pina coladas at Big Fish? Because those are *good*.

And no, not drinking, but the faux commercial was a fun diversion between lectures.

The other one was identification of "beaches of Grenada", which I am just pathetic at. I couldn't even identify Aquarium Beach despite collapsing on it after I sprained my ankle. I can do wrecks of Grenada though, including the original R(h)um Runner(RIP) so nautical partygoers, be advised -- THIS could happen to YOU:

I think there should be an additional category for alcohol abuse beyond hazardous situations when an eel swims through your wet bar. Might have been a helpful diagnostic criterion for the captain of the Valdez, come to think of it.

In other lecture news, I've been living in a cave thus didn't know I don't get to take the Hippocratic Oath when/if I graduate. Some might say the plus side of this is that I don't have to bail my profs out of financial difficulties as stated, but since according to the IRS, I make negative money, I think I'm exempt, and I think if Hippocrates had seen my last filing, he'd have agreed with me. The negative side is that if I don't get to swear to Apollo, what's the point in becoming a doctor?


Mom said...

Well, I don't see the eel, but I see a cute little bunny with pink ears toward the lower left of the picture. Does that qualify me for anything?

Ishie said...

I don't think it qualifies you for anything, but I believe seeing pink bunnies is contraindicated for a boating license. Though, since this was around 100 feet and as you know, I'm a cheap date when it comes to nitrogen narcosis, I probably imagined that eel...

Millicent said...

If you make negative money, does the IRS have to pay YOU income tax?

s'only fair?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you remembered where Bell hall is today