Feb 16, 2008

Gin fizz and sangria

Gotta keep the "trying something new" trend going. It generally involves EtOH since the wine bar is my favorite local hangout spot since the only think you usually get to try at parties are Carib because that's the only thing you have a chance of hell of getting in a timely fashion.

Plus, when you're not studying and there's not much to do, you don't need to drive because you have these little babies:

When full up with partygoers (though didn't go out to Old Skool tonight), they look like so:

Caribbean buses (including reggae buses) have pull down seats in the middle. This is nice to putting tons of people on a bus, particularly when you're on the way to a test and need the room, plus answers the question of "when bus crashes happen in other countries, how does it kill *that* many people?", but can not be so nice when you're trying to get back from the store and each person has a different stop, since it requires half emptying the bus every time someone needs to get up. But you get used to butts in face and bags in side.

The night was supposed to have the school-supplied entertainment/Behavioral Science video "Requiem for a Dream" (gods, I love third term), which had the distinction of being the only class movie this term I've made any effort to see because I've actually wanted to see that movie for about five years.

Unfortunately the AV people never showed, which not only left a lot of people wandering around Bell Hall wondering what happened, but sent me on a quest to the PD lab to see if we had the wrong venue, where the SO's were preparing for their showing of Ratatouille (presumably not associated with a class curriculum), which the AV people also didn't show for. No heroin date movies for the grown-ups, no problem, but no French-cuisine oriented rats for the kiddies? Harsh.

So that left an early night at the wine bar, which is always fun, though probably drinking sangria while watching Requiem for a Dream would be a better story. At least in my head.

But still, I've had a nice, if lazy week. Our final exam of third term is next Friday, so I suppose it's time to get my butt in gear for that.

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