Feb 28, 2008

Goooo Carib Cats!

And by Carib Cats, I mean us, not the catamaran of the same name.

We hit up the weekly trivia night at Prickly Bay Marina on Tuesday, were joined by two Scotsmen who nicely filled out our knowledge gaps (a "dray" is a squirrel's home???), and took home the gold! And by "Gold", I mean a bottle of rum and four cokes to split between 6 people, making the rum to coke ratio quite high for a school night. Glurgh. We got the name after the first ten quiz questions were on cats, and "Toxoplasmosis" (any parasitologists in the house who get that reference?) was rejected by the "geek" principle, so we went with "We're drinking Carib and these are cat questions. Carib Cats."

We also got the unique honor of writing the quiz questions this Tuesday. What horrendous impending start to pathology looming over me for Monday?

Speaking of fourth term, we've started microbiology, with Pathology (the 13 unit monster) starting on Monday. So far, I like microbiology, because my biology oriented heart goes pitter pat and I already inexplicably know a lot about bacterial wall structure.

But I'm paranoid. Fourth term is supposed to be by and large, by a runaway, the worst term in medical school, probably including rotations, and is notorious for taking away your time to socialize, sleep, eat, exercise, cry into your pillow, or use the bathroom. So I'm using this week of two lectures of micro a day and a single Friday lab to wave bye bye to Grenada as I know it, and say hello to making my family and friends think that I'm dead. See you in June!

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