Feb 12, 2008

A hard test in third term?

This was not in the manual! I was promised a steady coast from vacation to the brutal kill-you-with-sticks pace of fourth term.

We had our second behavioral science/epidemiology lecture today, featuring some fun throw-in neurotransmitter stuff that dusted a few of the cobwebs off neuro from last term. Apparently we're supposed to retain some of that stuff. Or at the very least, pay attention when it's presented again in behavioral. I can diagnose odd behavior though. I just can't, apparently, prescribe anything to fix it. Or, even if I could, I'd have prescribed the wrong thing. Unless Enzyte fixes schizophrenia. (This is Bob. Bob hears voices.) It wasn't an answer choice, but I thought about writing it in. Just to emphasize how miserable pharmacology is going to be for me.

I think the test was fair, but a bit long. A TON of people were left at the end, and many of the questions had a lot of reading to extract the useful information. Nice for the USMLE, I suppose, but when you have 15 questions and 10 minutes left, it's definitely not nice to see that three paragraph question that somewhere within contains three vital pieces of information.

It's like those old game shows on Nickelodeon where kids have to root through some variety of neon gunk to find the prize before the buzzer ran down.

Well, buzzer ran out with four questions to go, so hopefully the answers are "A, C, D, A" because those are the answers I randomly filled in. I could calculate the odds of those being the right answers, but determining probability could be construed as studying statistics, and since we're still in post "test is over" glow, I don't want to spoil the mood.

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