Feb 2, 2008

I'm going to Berlin!

Hey, why fly directly into a place when you can fly into a place that's in another country? I'm planning on using as many passport pages as possible!

So I booked my plane tickets to "Prague", meaning, I booked a plane ticket to Berlin and out of London, so I'll have three days to hang out in Berlin before taking the train to Prague, do the selective for three weeks, and then about two and a half weeks to make it to London.

Ooh, so excited!!! The booking of the tickets makes it finally seem real. I'm gonna study medicine in Prague, get clinical experience in Europe, and some pretty hefty vacation on top of that! Hardcore stuff, but from what I understand, I'm gonna need it after fourth term.

Third term is still going well, and I've been studying like crazy for it, since the psych section has gone into some neuro territory, so I want to make sure I stay on top of it. Tonight, I took a break to go to La Boulangerie with some friends and devour half a calzone. They're actually not bad, and when I need someplace that isn't as expensive as Banana's or De Big Fish and I want my food within an hour, I go there. Their pizza isn't bad, their calzones and pastas are actively good, I think, depending on what you order. Now... to partake in the tempura shrimp from the sushi place next door.

But back to the point, Europe!!!

It's bedtime now, so here's another random Grenada picture:

Mrs. Patel, in the flesh; the first termer's answer to 3 PM lecture-slump.

All right; all right, one more:

That's the walkway in upper campus, though this was before I left for the summer break.

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