Aug 6, 2007

Where'd summer go?

Yup, that's my general thinking at the moment. I certainly had a *full* summer with minimal use of it morphing into the couch, so certainly enough of it to satisfy.

But in less than 24 hours, I'll be on a plane well on my way to Grenada, and it's hard to be excited or thrilled. Perhaps I fear change, and it's good that I'm no longer running around screaming "Covered in BEEESSS!!!!" like I did before I came for first term, but I'm still feeling a little bleak, likely because of the knowledge of having to set up, get in, get settled, back into the life, get used to not driving again, and then, before I have a chance to settle back, take a huge biochem exam that, if I miss for any reason, will get me kicked out of medical school.

No stress. None at all. No, really.

But there's a lot I'm looking forward to as well. Seeing my friends again, David, the beach, getting back to a place that has a steady gym so I can work out, and a field to play rugby. That's all cool stuff. I'm excited to see what the new classes will hold. I'm excited to see if I have conquered the demons that were plaguing me last term, and get a chance to repay all my friends for having to put up with me in the last week. New dynamic.

I'm primarily packed now. Just need to weigh my stuff and make sure it's under 50 lbs a bag, which will probably be borderline. I'm wondering if Air Jamaica will lose one or both of them... I do like a mystery.

When I brought my parents, I brought a good deal of stuff with me, and was able to take my guitar and dive gear, which ate up a lot of space, but was really good for me to get to the island. Now, I'm going full practical. I am up to the brim of my luggage requirement with all the amenities... tons of clothes (thus enabling me to go even longer between 'ruh ruh all I have are dirty scrubs' laundry days), kitchenware, bathware, everything to set up a real "home" in my new apartment, which I'm really hoping goes well, with a mother who's going to send me some SWEET pots and pans since I found the ones on the Rock sorely lacking and overpriced.

Last night, we had a big BBQ for me, grilled up all sorts of stuff, and got to talk with the neighbors for the last time, partaking heavily of one neighbor's bottle of red cat wine. That's some good stuff, and it's particularly good that despite splitting a magnum with her, I don't have a headache. I also got punk'd by one of the nurses that works with my mom, because I went to fax some of my school paperwork from the hospital and she said "You're going to medical school? For nursing?" And I apparently went kind of wide-eyed/dead faced, and she laughed, and my mom laughed. She reads the blog, so hello there! You won't get me twice!

So that's today. No funnies, because well, I'm not feeling all that funny... just nervous with a mild impending feeling of dread. But at least now I know what the omega protein does.

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