Aug 11, 2007

Apartment Pictures

Granted it's a bit spartan because money for decor awaits my loans and decor I already have awaits my luggage, but hey, that means this is probably the cleanest it'll ever be...

I'm not crazy about floral patterns, which adorns the couch and futon. I've already covered the futon, and I'll probably cover the couch when I can, but even so, I'm really pleased with the place, and particularly, with the amount of room, study space, and seating (see, I can be positive), particularly in comparison to even the single-room dorms. To give a comparison, my sitting room (the thing is sort of a pseudo studio apartment in which there are two very distinct areas separated by a partial barrier) is about the size of the dorms in SD1, which are shared with another person, and cluttered up by two beds.

Also, time will tell, but the service so far here is fantastic. The owner approached a group of us at the bus stop to tell us specifically about a girl who was robbed outside Banana's to caution us not to walk back, even though it's a short distance. Despite our flight getting in late, there was no problem getting into my apartment, inventory was done right then, I had an IP address the next morning and my tv was working when I got in, and when I needed help with the stove, it was a security call away.

And that's saying a lot, because if this blog is any indication, lately, I'm faint with praise.

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