Aug 10, 2007

Fed Up.

That was sure fast, wasn't it. Yup, I'm already in "I want to go home now" phase, because while I think I've been a pretty good sport about things up to this far, I have had enough today. Enough of this island and enough of this school.

NOTHING this term has been easy. Getting to the frigging airport wasn't even easy, nor was the flight here, but whatever, part of traveling, homeland security, caribbeanland security, whatever.

Air Jamaica lost my luggage. Which happens all the time because they suck. But that happens, and I expected it to happen, and at least I knew they sucked so I could pack some stuff in my carry-on, and at least I was able to get into storage yesterday so I could have things like towels and a pillow. So that's all right. I can live with that.

I have to take my biochem exam, but that's my own fault, though I'm the only one who seems to think it is, but I'm prepared for it, spent the entire summer studying for it, etc. Whatever; it's cool.

But I've had enough. It's been three days and Air Jamaica can't even tell me where my luggage is. All they can say is "it may be in on the next flight today" and to call back later, and when I call back, they repeat. No one gives a shit. No one knows anything. Why should I expect any differently, and their parent company, Delta, haven't had the common courtesy to even address the letter I sent them, so Delta, you suck as well.

By itself, is that enough? No. Though after seeing a very nice woman in the biochem office, I somewhat expected the following to happen, it still really coldcocked me to the head when it actually did:

I went to register today with the registration voucher, which allegedly means that you have everything so you can register. Now, this is for second term, and if I don't pass the biochem exam, I would have to decel. Now, decelling would keep me in the same school and require the same loan money, so it seems obvious that one should register the student provisionally, and if said student fails, revoke the registration and enter the student in the alternate program.

No. Instead, I can't register until I pass the exam. Which means I can't get the loan check until I pass the exam, despite the fact that everything the students need tends to be right when they arrive!

Even better, they won't even give me the fucking SCHEDULE for term two, and since term two officially starts on the 14th, and my test is in the middle of the 15th, and I'm not sure if they'll get my grade in by that night, that means by their standards, I am supposed to miss between 2-3 days of my first days of class. Now, the genetics class is approximately two weeks long, and worth one unit, and starts right away, with the final exam at the end of August. This means... and I'm going to put a separate line for this:

The school, St. George's University, advocates, nay REQUIRES that a second term student misses over 20% of a class as a punishment for being sick for one of the first term exams. That is their message.

If something happened where you couldn't take the first term exams/, not only are the exams typically more difficult to discourage people from faking ill, which is absolutely awesome to the people that actually are, but they think the best way to discourage this is to make students already having trouble MISS THE FIRST 20% OF GENETICS. And you get to do it without money. That should teach people.

Now, if there are any school officials reading who have a problem with this, please tell me what other message a student is supposed to get from this, and if it's just administrative paperwork, please explain why no schedule is allowed to be given (they flat out refused!) and why only registered students are supposed to attend classes.

I'm not some burn out slacker that wants breaks and a thousand second chances to pull a fast one. One of the biggest regrets of my LIFE is not taking that fucking exam at end of term because I was ready for it, I knew I was ready for it, I've spent my entire summer studying for it, I was deeply embarrassed by the events of last term to such a degree that I was endlessly blaming myself and STILL hate myself for being weak, and was trying to take it anyway despite having been in the hospital that morning. It is not HELPING to be treated like a second class citizen because I had a valid medical excuse, nor is it helping me be the best student I can be to be FORCED to miss class, though screw them, I'm copying the schedule from a friend and going anyway, and they can shove it if they have a problem with it. I am not here to fail.

But that doesn't mean that at the moment, I don't want to pack it all in and go the hell home, because oh man, do I ever.

In a little over an hour, I can call those people at Air Jamaica, and have them skate me until tomorrow. I can't wait.


Lorrie said...

Sorry AJ lost your luggage, that sucks, to put it lightly. :( I hope they get off their asses and recover your stuff!!

Ishie said...

Hey girlie!! How are you doing? Well, they told me to call back again tonight and MAYBE it'll be in on the late night flight. I'm not holding my breath!

Anonymous said...

STOP being a cry baby about SGU. You should be glad and privileged that they took your lame excuse and allowed you to makeup the exam.

Ishie said...

Gee whiz, Anonymous Poster, you're breaking my heart.

I was disappointed enough in *myself* and for the reasons, that I wasn't able to take the exam last term, particularly since I blew off anatomy (and my A in it) to study for it, thus I hardly give half a crap about *your* judgment of it or I would have made up a good story like dengue or hep A, or flat out wouldn't have mentioned it, but thanks for reading.

When the school does well (which they frequently do), I will compliment them publicly for it (which I do). When they do things that are *not* in the best interest in the students, which seems to be more prevalent this semester, MORESO for the people that actually live on campus (I don't), I'll speak on that too.

But again, GREAT to have you on board, Anonymous.