Dec 20, 2006

Shoot me... but we're off!!!

And only a week late!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I... fucking hate moving. That's right, I said the "F" word. I say it with some regularity when I'm not annexcafeing. I gotta watch that when I'm a doctor:

Ishie: Ahhh fuck.
Patient: Who in the what now?

I also *nearly* yelled "Goddammit" in a church parking lot when I went to drop off some clothes. I say *nearly* as I stopped at "God-" when I noticed all the well dressed chubby cheeked little Russian children on their way to Sunday night whatever and finished lamely with something appropriate to my Christian neighbors. Gosh darnit.

So I'm sitting in a Kinko's shipping off the remains of my lovely little apartment. I don't need movers! Ahhhhhh... I'm a moron. But whatever.

First, a complete shout-out to my good friend, Jim, without whom, I would have made a pile of all my belongings (sans camera; I wasn't *that* crazed" and lit it all on fire. This guy's given up like a month of his life to my incompetent girly ass AND lent me his sweet-ass pickup (yuppie wannabe SUV) for pretty much the whole time. I still like my little Hyundai, but at least in the pickup, I can intimidate all the smaller cars (like Hyundais) on the road. Mwa ha ha ha!!!! So yeah, thank you thank you thank you, Jim. May the motors go out of your childrens' pocket bikes while you slumber.

Also a shout out to my mom for helping me move and driving cross country with me, but unlike Jim, she is obligated through blood relation PLUS I have a bunch of her photo albums.

So hopefully I'll be able to update this blog on the road from my laptop by poaching other people's wireless. I still don't have the gist of it entirely, but I'm learning. With my camera and cables, I *may* even be able to upload scenic shots from I-80, post them on my blog, and... I don't know... use a camera phone to take a picture of myself taking a picture. Ain't technology great?

I'm a 26 year old Luddite though. I'm still completely floored by PS1 graphics which makes me want to slap the crap out of every jaded little 8 year old crying "The blood spatter in GTA 4 is SO played out!" Shut up punks. Back in my day, the days of having to ride my bike to school uphill both ways in the snow, we had the more developed Atari (including the Cabbage Patch version of Pitfall) and the original Nintendo. And to the 13 year old that told me Nine Inch Nails is 'passé', may Michael Jackson occupy real estate in your closet, brat.

Yes, still waiting for them to finish weighing my material possessions to ship them to my oh-so unsuspecting father. Mwa ha ha ha ha...

Oh, and guess what... the status on my loan? PENDING!!! Did you think any differently? It has the official pre-approval denial now which means it's being faxed to the loan approval fairy... or something, I don't understand that stuff. Funny thing was that my financial aid counselor at SGU said the FAFSA would be the hard part. Yeah, my ass.

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