Dec 21, 2006

They Say the Best Things in Life are Free...

But you can give it to the birds and the bees; I want money!!

And now I have it!

BTW, yes, I do make a lot of outdated pop culture references. Deal with it.

I got my loans; I got my loans; I got my freaking loans, thus proving there are people out there crazy or stupid enough to give me nearly 60 large! Now, 18500 of that comes from Uncle Sam, which should answer the above question, and I know *technically* the GradPlus loan is a private loan through Uncle Sam, but whatever. It's mine! I'm going to med school! I am not simply going to Grenada on a one way ticket to be exceptionally screwed if things hadn't worked out. Wahoo! This allowed me to put this on with pride:

And speaking of tickets, Expedia sent me an email helpfully informing me that my parents' flight from Raleigh to JFK (JeffK for you Dwarfers out there) had undergone an itinerary change and would NOW be coming in 12 minutes earlier than expected. Thanks Expedia.

So I'm in Winnemucca, NV. Which is surprisingly large and populated. Most of Nevada seems to look like this:

With this here as a rest stop:

Quite pretty, in a post apocalyptic kind of way, but not a place where you'd expect people to all of the sudden, stick a city. A COLD frigging city, for the record.

I'll probably stick a longer version of my trip log on my website once I'm done with the trip, by the way. I'll include my pre-christmas trip to SF as well, because it has pictures of lots of shiny things, and I like shiny things that aren't diamonds (see below).

We're off again. But now I'm confirmed (By loan official and by fin aid counselor, both of whom are SAINTS) for money, so I can slum across country in style. Parley's, look out!

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