Dec 29, 2006

Freaking Out

So it's now, what, 11 days until I ship off? Aiiieeeee!!!

I keep saying it's becoming real, and then it goes and gets a little realer each time and freaks me out some more.

I'm driving back to my dad's place tonight to pick up my boxes that I shipped to him, since there's some stuff I need for SGU in there, like some clothes (and I still need to do a major clothes shopping, though where I'm going to get Carib clothes in December/January, I have NO idea), and more critically, my underwater camera housing. Not sure what I'll be doing for New Year's yet. Might hang out in Greenville, see if there's anything resembling a scene.

Then I've got so LITTLE time to get everything packed! I still need to buy a flash drive and a wireless keyboard, among other thousands of remote items they no doubt have on the island but I'm paranoid. I worry a little that "flashlight" keeps appearing on all the packing lists.

In a sense, I do kind of feel like I'm going off to camp. I lived off campus in college and never had the dorm experience, so I didn't get the "off to college" feeling, particularly since I'd been doing concurrent enrollment since I was 10, thus college was never any big deal to me. In fact, I went BACK to my home state for college so high school was more like a college experience than college, but with more slack jawed drooling imbeciles (sorry Harding, but ya know you suck, except for select awesome faculty).

But now... whew... dorm, roommate, med school, new frigging country I'd barely heard of before I talked to the doc that recommended. My geographically dumb ass thought it was pretty close to Florida. Nope! At least on the Cuba side of it, right? Nope! Like if I hated it enough, I could float back to the states on a raft? Nope!

I don't think I'll hate it, but I am freaking out. I'm reading the awesome rumorsweretrue blog, which is both reassuring and freaky because it illustrates the sheer volume of what we're going to have to know, and holy crap. I've always been quite good at coasting, and I know it's time for that crap to end.

I also have to call Bay Shore today, because I have my widdle heart set on Prague this summer, and the rumor mill says the selective is *already* full, which would piss me off, so time to find out.

Not too funny this time folks, because I'm SCARED! Heh.

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