Dec 16, 2006

He's Pining for the Fjords

Any takers for that reference?

Quick loan status: Pending...

So, what's happening, is at Great Lakes, someone screwed up... again. They were supposed to send my denial (from the electronic pre-approval) to a VERY nice and patient woman who does the manual approvals, and yet again, didn't. Why? Because they didn't have the correct dispersement dates. Why? Who knows. My fin aid counselor at SGU (also very nice and patient) has sent them twice, and the second time circled them! Maybe she needed to write it in 72 pt Courier font. Who knows. Of course then, my hyphenated last name (which you, my dear readers, ain't getting) would cause problems. It's happened with loans before. My college transcripts got put on hold because they had me as not attending exit loan counseling because they had my file in the wrong folder. Sigh. Thanks mom and dad. Let's hyphenate the child's last name for no reason.

And they pulled my TU credit report yesterday AGAIN. I could throw a permissible purpose tantrum for slamming another hard inquiry on my best credit report, thus dunking my score 4 points, but I want my money so I'm not going to do so. So despite the fact that these were supposed to receive confirmation by last Monday, I need to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday, when I'll be on the road to NC. I'm still in the process of moving, which suuuuuuucks! I remembered I hate moving. You ALWAYS have too much stuff. You could be a monk living in isolation and when you were ready to move to another monastery you'd be all "Where did I get all this shit? I've got illuminated manuscripts and prayer beads everywhere. Movers would charge me 1500 dollars to deal with this crap!" Or maybe you'd just THINK that, with the vow of silence and all.

Ah, but the title of the post. Yesterday, I went to UCD's vertebrate museum to finish up a fleshless parrot I've been articulating since the late stone age because I'm a moron that screws up the glue.


If you hadn't glued, wired, and drilled him to the perch, he'd be pushing up daisies.

So it may be no small wonder that I want to go into orthopedics. It may be worth mentioning that if this little Amazon weren't commissioned to the vet school, I would SO have walked around the first week on the Rock with him on my shoulder going ARRRRRRRR... I think my bird be sick mateys! Because I'm a loser. That's right, a complete loser.

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Lorrie said...

hey girlie, took me awhile to check out your blog, glad to see you're using it :) I'll be sure to keep up w/ you and our adventures. I sure hope everything works out w/ the fin aid!! *crosses*