May 25, 2008

Accomplishments this week

C/S exam on Monday: Check
Miss lab on Monday: Check
See leatherback turtles Monday: Check

Tuesday: Go to lab. Screw around all day watching Inuyasha and Scrubs reruns and hastily attempt to do slides for Wednesday: Check

Wednesday: Go to lab. Do nothing else all day: Check

Thursday: Realize you have a study session scheduled Friday. Do nothing for *most* of the day, realize you're wholly unprepared for Friday, and try to inhale female reproductive lectures like potato chips while simultaneously checking email: Check

Friday: Do nothing most of the day. Try to ram in some lectures at the last minute before study session. Go jogging. Do study session. Watch Dusk until Dawn and Clerks 2: Check

Saturday: Realize you've done nothing all week. Go to campus to catch hash bus to perpetuate cycle. See former-fellow hasher attempting to study and peer pressure him into going on hash bus instead of to library: Check

Do hash, get back to apartment early so you can study. Instead, lie on sofa being too lazy to clean out your fresh wounds from hash, watch Wanda Sykes comedy special. Decide to study. Blog instead: Check

The level of lazy I've achieved honestly rivals the period where I was unemployed, except I don't have a Playstation 2 in Grenada.

But I'll report on the hash since, in being both a school event (kind of, but not really, but leaves from campus, so I'm counting it) and in being the only real physical exercise I've committed to since well before midterms, it's the closest I've come to being productive all week.

St. Andrews! Unfortunately, we didn't actually get to see the big waterfall, so I'm going to have to go back for it, which is no hardship; the drive is extremely pretty, the people are nice, and the area's cool, so there ya go.

When I came to Grenada, first term, I really did not expect that our librarian would be running around yelling "BRING OUT YOUR VIRGINS!!!" If I had known in advance, I totally would have applied to this school years earlier. Ta daa:

Dave called this a hash for the vertically challenged, due to obstacles such as this one. Considering it still meant pulling my vertically challenged self over the large logs I couldn't go under, and then having to jump down like a little kid, I'm still going to call being tall a definite hash advantage:

But it did enable me to get a little easier through this grassy uh... thing. And yes, that's a Bacardi shirt. Live it loud, live it proud.

Doing hashes tends to run you through people's yards. Fortunately, they don't seem to mind much.

And no matter how many times I see similar scenery (Grenada's not that big), I never get tired of it:

Mmmm... dinner... or the inspiration for a crappy William Carlos Williams poem. No wheelbarrow though.

Fun tax!!!

Early on in the hash during the most strenuous part, I managed to get a pricker vine wound around my calf, which naturally stopped my progress quite suddenly when it ran out of slack, and took me down like a bear trap. The fall tightened its hold on my calf, promptly ripping it open, a fact at this point, that was unknown to me, since I mainly squawked because I wasn't expecting to fall.

So I'm hiking along when the people behind me go "Uhh.. whoa, you're bleeding. We know to follow you!" and I look down and there's blood just all over my leg, and say "I think this means you *shouldn't* follow me." So for the rest of the hash, as the people behind us varied depending on how fast we were going and how many pictures I was stopping to take, I kept getting the "Whoa!" reaction, despite the fact that it looks WAY worse than it feels.

I also apparently need to get into better shape (duh). This was my third hash and prior to midterms, I was jogging relatively frequently. As I was stumbling along rather effectively, I thought (I hike by creative falling, which consists of sliding around on slippery rocks and mud, while catching myself in a forward momentum that keeps me upright 90% of the time while contributing to my progress with the grace of an epileptic duck), the guy behind me laughingly went "First hash, eh?" To which I replied "Nope. Just a klutz."

But!!! Better a klutz than a virgin!

Look at em! Lined up just awaiting their baptism in beer, which I cheerfully contributed to, since I missed the devirginizing at the night hash, so the other time this little ritual was being performed, *I* was on the receiving end.

Note the clothes:

Pure Carib wash!

Also on this hash, I FINALLY got to end my elusive search for oildown, as they had it at the bar where we finished up. Wahoo!!!

And no, it doesn't taste as bad as it looks. I did pick out a couple pieces of pig snout due to the principle that they still had the hair attached to them (a lady's gotta have standards), but the rest was fine.

Then back home after a long and productive day of doing everything but studying!

No really, I'll study tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Troop on, Ishie!
That's my friend, Telfor, on the left of your first picture. Highly recommend hiking/hashing with him. He's a real ambassador for Grenada and a wealth of local knowledge. He's the Hiking Man and has hiked over 11,000 miles in Grenada, not counting his "business" hikes with tourists.

Ishie said...

I shall troop On On!

Telfor! I gotta grab him for a monkey hike. I STILL haven't gotten up close and personal with those elusive little critters, so I need an in angle to find them.

Thomas said...

If you like Waterfalls, you should try the Seven Sisters. The tallest one is three stories. If you're willing, you can jump from it. Good times. :)

Ishie said...

I love the Seven Sisters! I jumped them twice, though both times, the biggest one was really scary for me, and I had to count to make myself jump.

Absolutely gorgeous on the upper climb. I wish I'd been able to take my camera, but no way it would have survived all of them.