Mar 24, 2008

There was the play, then the work...

Easter Weekend, so Thursday and Saturday were my "enjoy the last fun you'll ever have" days, and now, with a week to go until my first path exam, the heat's on.

Saturday was Sandblast. Or more accurately, Sandblast, rejection of Karma for the Snooty Principle, Creole Shack, and Banana's. Hardcore, eh?

Sandblast was fun, though I got there late because I'm too lazy to even party on time.

But there were a ton of people all having fun, so that was great. Lost at a little beer pong, took some pictures, crawled into the opening to the security dog cages so I could get a picture on my hands and knees barking... You know, the usual stuff...

BUNCH of cruise ships out too. I was thinking of the poor people on board and how they probably just wanted to relax on a relatively secluded beach, only to stumble into the middle of Spring Break at a medical school they probably didn't even know was here.

Waves were crazy high too, almost up to the edge of the ladies, and a friend said there was a bunch of coral and rock debris thrown up the next day. Wonder what was up with the tides.

There was an afterparty at Club Karma, but I was with my friend Jay. We'd thought there was no dress code that night because everyone said there wasn't, but instead this one was very pointedly looked at him, said he couldn't go in and that by "Dressing down", it meant he didn't have to wear a nice shirt like the guy was wearing (wasn't that nice, dude), but no long shorts or whatever, and THEN there were student ID issues, and altogether, way too much "We're a New York nightclub" image-obsessed feeling, so wasn't worth it, and was glad to save the 20 bucks.

It's some people's thing, but I'm rarely dressed up anywhere, so I don't like clubs where the goal is to "be seen". So not a fan of Karma, I'm afraid. I'll take Victory Bar anyday.

Headed down to Creole Shack instead, because I wanted to stay on the Carenage for a while, since I really like it. Great place! I've been meaning to go there for about a year, but the people were really nice, they had some karaoke going on and the food was great and cheap. We started to walk back, and saw a youth basketball game going on where everyone was having a lot of fun and getting rowdy, and cheering their teams. We got invested, and even though they lost, GO BLACK AND YELLOW! Southern Pros!!

Afterparty, as always, at Banana's, but they'd converted their new awesome game room back into the "Club Banana's", which sucked because I really wanted to play darts. Ahh well. Still found good company and a good time, and everyone was out.

But now, path and micro own me for the foreseeable future. On the plus side, I like the classes. On the minus side, there's SO much studying. I know it sounds like all I do is go out, but honestly, the rest of the time it's just STUDY. Study for group, do the quizzes, do my slide presentations, do my concept maps, do the lectures, review the slides, review the staining techniques, check the book, go running with the Goljan lectures so that no time is wasted. Exhausting!!!

Let's just hope it pays off.

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