Mar 11, 2008

I am queen dork

Something the brighter of you will have figured out by now, and if not, the lego monkey dancing in the last entry should probably clear it right up.

I'm in the much reviled, much despised, much feared fourth term right now...

And was faced with a dilemma. I must study to keep my study on, my grades up, and my loan companies happy, but I must also exercise to keep my mind sharp and my ass from looking like my sofa. In addition to all this, I must, despite my chronic insomnia, sleep.

In fourth term, this leaves you with a significant hours-deficit. Even in the early days. What to do...

A friend of mine hooked me up with a macdaddy (collections of potentially useful files collected and compiled over the terms by upper termers and passed down, usually in exchange for good will, or in some of the clubs cases, 60 EC and a t-shirt) that contains over a gig of board review path lectures on MP3 format.

Oh, dilemma solved! So now, since jogging in a Caribbean country doesn't make me look like enough of a tool, I now do it hooked into my ipod listening to patterns of cell injury in the brain. It's finally the perfect mind/body workout! And as I sat on a rock point staring out at the water as the sun slid down (or the earth slid up; damn heliocentric view of the solar system), I thought "Liquefactive necrosis." And then I thought "Med school is weird". Then I walked home with a strange rotweiller following me until it got distracted by a stray goat. I didn't see the end result of that.

So path lab is going well. I like my group; they seem to rock the house and all, and put me in a position where I feel peer pressured to accomplish what I'm supposed to accomplish but we have designated go getters that ensure I don't have to arrange anything, which is absolutely freaking perfect. Control me, babies. Make me like it.

Path group is kind of a game of 'beat the tutor'. In that, if you know your shit well enough, and you talk fast enough, you can *probably* make it through your presentation without getting your ego shredded, IF you're lucky, and if you were not so unlucky as to have the preliminary slide to something someone else is presenting.

This keeps me on my game of course, because I do hate the blank fish-eyed stare I get when people ask me questions that I not only don't know, but have never heard the words involved before. This hopefully allows to blossom into the other subtype of group member... the bastard. The one that has always cross checked 17 other sources and knits them into a presentation that even the tutor can't find flaw in. And as you smirk and point out the "nontestable but still really important stuff", your group starts surreptiously arranging alibis for when your mangled body is discovered, no doubt with its head beaten in by the "oil lamps" in micro that we're using as bunsen burners. Who knew I'd been camping with a bunsen burner? My food should have been way better.

BUT, by the end of the class, I should know how many things I'm gonna die off after doing :THIS: in Venezuela:

So it's to bed, earlier than usual.

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