Mar 27, 2008

Monday monday

Can't help that day... or something.

Yes yes, I've been gone, but after doing bupkiss for half the weekend, I've needed some serious study-on groove for my path exam Monday.

So far I feel cautiously optimistic. That optimism may prove fatal, but... well, what can you do? Just study more!

Micro's on Friday and has a significant chance of kicking my ass for neglecting it in favor of path. And I know it's a rookie mistake; I do, and yet, it is so easy to make.

The weirdest part is most of path seems easier, though more volumetastic, than micro. Path is a lot of this leads to this reviewing stuff from biochem and weirdly, stuff I remember from histo. Micro is a TON of properties, scattered letters that don't seem to relate to anything, and gram positive this PAS stain that. It also makes path more fun to study than micro.

So what's that mean? More fun + more units + daily labs = SEVERE MICRO NEGLECT

Addendum: I'm finally getting med student syndrome. Right now the scariest part of path is stuff like "50% of patients with deep vein thrombosis are asymptomatic. The first sign in many of them is a pulmonary embolism."

Ahhh! Is that an ache in my calf? Is that one? Is that one? Does my ankle swell because I sprained it a year ago, ignored orders to put it in a cast, and it never healed properly, or because ANY SECOND A GIANT THROMBUS IS GOING TO BREAK OFF, SHOOT TO MY LUNGS AND KILL ME???

The weirdest part is that all I can think about when I think about death (which you think about a lot when you stare at cross sections of hearts and lungs all day and the tutor gets mad at you for wanting to diagnose everything with an autopsy) is that I'll leave the loan companies losing a hundred g's on my decomposing brain. That comforts me somehow...

And speaking of death (to keep things cheerful), I was looking at the pretty pictures on webpath and got sucked into the forensic path section even though we're not due to study it for like another two months... I keep running from it, but it keeps calling me back. I LIKE diagnosing patients, dammit! Why do I keep looking at gunshot exit wounds going "I wonder if I could determine the caliber of that weapo... no! Must help the living!" And I blame UCD's Donated Body Program for this, where I first learned how UTTERLY cool criminalistics is. And that's without ever watching an episode of CSI, babies!

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