Mar 5, 2008

Most annoying disorders...

Submit your nominations. Right now I'm going with "paronychia", which I now know what to call thanks to pathology. That's an infection around the side and base of your fingernail.

Now, in path, inflammation seems to largely be divided into duration of problem, morphology of exudate (that's the stuff that oozes out of your particular problem), and location/special forms. "Paronychia" is appropriately considered a location/special form, but I think there should be a new category of disorders in "things that hurt disproportionately to the area they occupy, and should get you a lot more sympathy than they actually do."

I'm guessing the top of that list would be a three way tie between "paronychia", "stubbing your baby toe" (characterized clinically by a patient's increasing volume and complexity of profanity over time), and "swollen taste bud".

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Anonymous said...

add hidradenitis suppurativa to that list!