Jan 26, 2008

Baskets while you wait

I'm trying to practice getting "people" shots, thus am caught in the eternal dilemma of "ask person to take picture and have them take a doofy 'hi mom' shot" or "take covert pictures of people like a stalker to get the 'natural' effort, and have people get pissed at me"? And I'm such a social coward, so neither is appealing. So I have to either figure it out, or spend the rest of my life getting the best darned New England church shots in the land since churches can't yell at you.

Fortunately, I asked the basket man, and he was nice about it, so if you need a basket, buy it from him.

Oh, right, and I'm doing that whole "study for Monday's exam" thing. Sort of. I pass off the fact that I went shopping by way of a quick trip to the beach by emphasizing that I was about halfway through the "Identifying sexual abuse in children" lecture, at which point you really want either a break or a shower. Yech.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you got that one pretty good. Nice work.

Ishie said...

Thank you! He was a very compliant subject though; I think he's used to tourists and students taking his picture.