Dec 5, 2007

Neuro fun fact for the day:

If you are an obese, alcoholic 56 year old male smoker with untreated diabetes and hypertension and you do recreational cocaine, your health may suffer for it. That's pretty much every after school special you've ever seen rolled into one terrifyingly unintelligent patient, eh?

My exam life would be so much easier if they would allow us to put down the diagnoses *I* keep making on the clinical cases like: "So close to death, who cares why?" or "Terminal stupidity and I'm surprised he made it this long" or "FUBAR".


probnorm said...


Love your comments ishie


Anonymous said...

You have to use "evolution in action" on one just to watch the professor as he reads it.


Anonymous said...


- Patrick

Ishie said...

Thanks guys! I would have a lot more fun with these tests if they weren't multiple choice!!

Rick said...

I like option 2, "Terminal Stupidity". Hey, it's a fair enough diagnosis of the patient's condition, methinks.