Dec 2, 2007

Diffusion Defects

The title of this post is to illustrate that this term will be burned into my brain for eternity.

In Anatomy in first term, Dr. Curry mentioned that we didn't have to know the supreme thoracic artery ONCE. As a result, I will remember it forever. When I die, that will probably be the only part of me that doesn't decay because it has become that ingrained.

You know what's worse than doing that? Spending 25 minutes over the course of two respiratory physiology lectures going over something you keep saying isn't all that important and then wondering aloud why students constantly latch onto it, particularly when you've accompanied it with charts and diagrams.

Honestly, on the exam, "diffusion defect" will probably be my answer to everything, including the part of the scantron where I'm supposed to bubble in my name.

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Another Brick In the Wall said...

I guess i did tell you once that you write ur blog well.You can also carve a writing career alongside being a doctor.(just like Atul Gawande)

I have been trying to get rid off the trivial things that were 'ingrained' and etched as unwashable engrams thru the course of my MBBS...:)