Dec 30, 2007

More touring

That is, when I wasn't training a toy parrot to either use profanity or recite lines from the Monty Python "dead parrot" sketch. Yes, I'm 12. But that at least makes me precocious rather than being on the fast track to burnout.

It also means I shouldn't feel bad about having to regularly rip myself away from a Futurama marathon on Adult Swim, right?

So, America! I can prove I'm here AND that I didn't end up on the no-fly list due to weird Wikipedia searches:

Huzzah! My brush with Homeland Security. It's also I think one of my only stamps to date that doesn't disallow me from working while I'm here. That one's self inflicted.

I also realized I've been in New England now for well over a week, and I haven't posted a single picture of a church despite the fact that now they're all covered with snow. The horror!

This was part of a beautiful journey to the arbitrary destination of the day: the Vermont Country Store! This one's huge, but to be the "Vermont" country store, versus the per-town country store (quaintness required), they must have done some cage fighting. Behold the outside:

The route there largely involved more screwing with the GPS, like seeing a mountain with a ton of ski slopes, a sign that said "Okemo", and figuring... hey, let's see how well it recalculates the route.

To answer the question, yes, though it gets a little petulant with "recalculating" every time you take a 'wrong turn'. But it also means Okemo is DEFINITELY a place to go before I go back to Grenada! I figure as difficult as it was to navigate SGU with a sprained ankle, it'll be all the more fun with a broken femur. Pictures then as well.

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