Dec 17, 2007

Ambushed again!

More civilized than some of those construction workers on the road to Monte Tout that day though:

Though it's all fun and games until they start channeling the demons of the underworld:

Ahhhhhhhh!! Devil Cow!

Save me, Liat!!!

(Since this is Liat we're talking about, there's a good chance this is the 7:20 am flight taking off). What's the expression? Lost In-between Antigua and Trinidad? Heh heh, just kidding guys... you're going to get me to Trinidad on time to make my flight up to New England, right? Right? It's like a 40 minute flight. Please?

Anyway, turns out the devil cows were protecting this view:

Woo hoo!!! There's a detour to campus from out this way that has overgrown a LOT since I was last there. I think Dave (I suckered him into going with me on my evening walk, which consisted of asking him) and I needed a machete apiece to pass through more effectively, but it deposited us eventually onto the point above the Black Sand Beach (beautiful... deadly...), which rewarded us with the following:

And best:

It looks so much less sinister when finals aren't going on, eh?

So that was today. What'd ya do yesterday, Ishie?

Glad you asked; jumped off this (and four of its sisters; I actually bothered to count this time):

You did all this over the course of two days and those sunset pictures were standard fare; you just bothered to bring your camera along? Then why don't you do anything but bitch and whine?

Because medical school did this to me:

It made you look like a strung out junkie AND would motivate you to take a picture of yourself looking like a strung out junkie during finals week?

Yeah, pretty much.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sky..what beautiful...bovine creatures

Oh dear Ishie! O_O *at the last photo; virtual hugs*

I really hope your Christmas and New Years rocks.

- Patrick