Aug 24, 2008

The struggle continues

to get something done and catch up my week's truancy.

Yesterday, I actually managed to be pretty productive, confirming that I indeed do not understand the first few hours of pharm and all it's pretty graphs, but it got better after that and I burned through that week's lectures.

Today... ooh... well, I watched the ending of Surf's Up, which despite being about surfing penguins, ended up being less soulless than the part of Happy Feet that I watched last term when I was also procrastinating. So then I settled in to really get into Autonomic Pharmacology, when I get a message from Lori asking if I want to go to the beach.

Well, yeah! I mean, I haven't been back to Grand Anse since I've been back, so totally justified, right? Right?

Good decision too; it was an absolutely perfect day. The water was a great temperature, and I saw a school of baby squid (squidlets?), a snake eel, two flying gernards, a bunch of arrow crabs, and so forth. Plus, it allowed me a few minutes to keep working on the non-tan I got in Europe. That's the tan you get when you look really really white, but when you pull up the arm of your t-shirt, you can see the vaguest line that shows where you are even whiter, and by contrast, it constitutes a tan. Or so I'm told.

So I choked in a little pharm after that, while shuffling in a much needed shower, laundry run, and dishwashing, so all together, I think that counts as being marginally productive this weekend.

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