Aug 5, 2008


Sorry for no updates, but having to pay for every minute of sporadic internet access is taxing to the blog!

So I've now been to Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Venice, Verona, Bologna, and Cinque Terre. Whew! And by way of too many cities to name!

Italy... Italy... Italy... Cinque Terre is probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen and has people that are amazing, food that's fantastic, and views to die for. I am full of gratitude to Lori and Grace for cluing me into this place, because I'd never heard of it prior.

Venice... uh... very pretty canals. The square is amazing... the fact that my friend got screamed at for sitting in front of some guy's plants in a public square, smacked by a woman for being in her way, and so forth shouldn't influence my views of Venice, nor should the billion tourists stands separated only by ridiculously overpriced food, but it totally does.

So despite staying in Venice (Mestre, where the people are marginally nicer) for three days, we only spent one of those days in actual Venice, and spent the other two booking it to friendlier locals. Though our hostel/campground was absolutely amazing, which is why we used it as a homebase.

We found a guy to show us around Verona because he noticed we were wandering around lost. Nice guy from Ghana, showed us all the main sites and then got us safely back to the train station, while the entire time refusing any form of compensation for his efforts. Thank you, Derek, we love you!

So off to the 5 hour hike!

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