Aug 23, 2008


Mmm... free food. Thanks Grace! And thanks incredibly nice little red Lance Aux Epines bus driver. That guy takes you where you need to be, announces where you are, and will stop someplace and wait for people to assemble, so I got to go to the nice BBQ.

Uhhh, what to say. Tomorrow marks the day that I need to try to figure out what on earth is going on with pharmacology. I was ensured a class full of pointless memorization of drugs with hideous names, their conditions, and their side effects, in other words, a flashcard class, and instead I'm getting a horrible array of graphs and math and all manner of mean nasty stuff, and my numbers-poor brain is addled.

And the instructor didn't help by saying "if you don't understand pharmacokinetics, you are not going to get over a C in this class" or something to that effect, and guess what? Ah well.

In other news, pathophys, the class proper, has a delightfully eccentric professor doing infection studies, so it's not proving too difficult since the way he says it sets it well in my brain. We did have our first "other class" that is the bastard child of pathophys and it was a combination of being really frightening, in that it requires us to remember everything we knew in the past 1.5 years, while being a complete waste of time in being exquisitely badly organized, a fact even the tutors and instructors were aware of. Also, not a good idea to set a mandatory session that involves EVERYONE in the class getting together in the same space at the same time that involves discussion, particularly when those groups are supposed to sit in rows, necessitating yelling to the other end of the row to be heard. Can you say chaos, boys and girls?

It's also not wildly nice since there's about 350 people, give or take a few, in there, and a member of each group has to present the questions and be drilled, while standing at a podium, in front of said individuals. Since public speaking is listed as one of the top fears, I believe above spiders and death, this seems unkind to put people on the spot.

But we shall see. In the meantime, the main class that's going to eat my attention is pharm. In other news, once again, it's bedtime, or now that I'm trying to be diurnal, 2 hours past. On the plus side, I've been able to sleep despite doing it largely on my couch without linens, the latter of which were destroyed when I had a minor apartment flood and were mildewed beyond repair. So now, my linens consist of my couch cushions and my novelty Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow blanket (don't judge me). And I'm STILL able to sleep! Progress!

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Anonymous said...

Colby's pretty good. How many of shots of our friend Jack does this guy take before stepping on stage?

I could smell it from row five.