Aug 13, 2008

Dear SeaFrance

6 hours for a 1.5 hour crossing without apology. Well done!

Speaking of irritation, not only do we suddenly have mystery clickers with the school, but there's yet another mishap with my loans, which I found out today, so no money for Ishie until I fax something from a youth hostel! Woo hoo!!!

ONNN the other hand, Canterbury, and my current hostel, rocks. More later!


RedBird said...

if it helps, the clickers aren't actually functioning yet, with no idea for when they WILL be working. I'd be surprised if they got them up and running before xmas, really.

Ishie said...

It does help and thank you!!

I thought that the implementation of unannounced clickers to the entire student body seemed awfully ambitious considering... but my inner cynic thought it just might nail me!

MaryE said...

Hey Ishie, what's a clicker? Inquiring minds want to know LOL

Ishie said...

Clickers are mysterious little remote control thingies that currently do nothing, but I assume will eventually be programmed to deliver an electric shock to us whenever we think bad things about Dr. B in path... which is pretty frequently.