Dec 30, 2011

We don't need no water... wait, yes we do

F*** indeed, neighbor.

Went to the scene today and chatted with some of the neighbors, including, I believe, the one that took this video, so we have some record of stuff.

Long story short, absolutely nothing left. I was captivated by the sound of the broken glass and tinder crunching under my new boots. My closet, I was told, fell outward, which sparked a brief hope of finding my bedbug costume, and one of my displaced neighbors, Superman, as we all call him, started climbing through the collapsed stuff to pick through the things that looked like clothes. Half of a pair of jeans, I think.

Lots of people were driving by to loiter, and I didn't really mind that, because it's probably what I would do. I gawked at the house on Rutledge that burned earlier this year. I took some pictures of my place just for the hell of it, not because I think I really need to document anything. But one of the landlords from across the street saw me and the neighbor and were like "do you live nearby?" and I'm like "I'm the third roommate". "Ohh... Was yours the red car? It was a trooper." "No, mine was the black nissan." "Oh... It exploded." "I know." "Do you have a place to go?" "Yup."

I went to the hospital today, one, because one of my attendings kept insisting that I do so, and two, because in an amazing show of foresight, I kept some of my insurance paperwork there, and the degree of support and concern was amazing and humbling. I've only been at my residency for six months but everyone rallied. I got hugs and offers and even though I immediately called a friend needing a roommate as soon as I heard, people were all "Where is she staying" and eager to make sure I wasn't sleeping in a Red Cross shelter. Despite everything, I feel really lucky.

I think that's one of the keys in a residency program too. Not "Who will hug me if my house and car burn down" because that is an oddly specific question to ask at the pre-interview dinner, but just how close knit a program is makes a huge difference in overall happiness. Our department has happy hours, parties, and an open door policy that nurtures an environment where someone could come home from vacation with nothing and find everything she could hope for, to get back on her feet, within her program's walls.

Family has also been absolutely amazing. Getting the news was surreal, and occurred around the small cousins, and it's difficult to know how to react in any appropriate fashion since presumably singing four letter words in the major and minor scales is not recommended for the TV-Y crew. I was helped out, taken shopping, given clothes, and perhaps really importantly, distracted so I couldn't dwell on it.

I'm safe and sound tonight back in Charleston. Things are moving along; I'm trying to release my car to the insurance company and get a lease agreement moving along. Good times.


Kathy/PITA said...

What can I say, dear Shannon--except I am so happy that the losses were material things, not lives. I am sorry that it happened, but you know that. I think you can get another copy of your degree, too. As usual, I think you are AWESOME!

May 2012 be extra wonderful for you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ishie, words cannot express
how bad we all feel on Annexcafe when
we learned the news. Hang in there
GF and we will always be here for you! Things can always be replaced
(mostly) but lives cannot...grateful
that no one got hurt.
Love ya.......DeniseC

A said...

Dear Ishie...

Words fail...and flail, at times like this. Just know how sorry I am that you've experienced such devastation.

Though it's overwhelming right now, I have faith you'll move forward in due time.

Thinking of you and wishing you the strength and energy to get through this. As the saying goes, one day and step at a time.


Disasters might snuff out our stuff...but not our "tough"!

Anonymous said...

Ishie - I am so sorry for your loss and wish you strength to deal with it. I know you have lots of love and prayers going out.
Pat Born

Anonymous said...

Oh my God !!! So sorry Ishie. You are handling it so well. You must have been given this mental toughness for a reason.

Ishie said...

Thank you all. It's been a really trying couple of weeks, and all the support by all of you and the wonderful people around me has kept me going and made me feel mostly positive. You all are the best.