Dec 2, 2011

The elusive monkey

But just when you thought I had a big long blog post prepared for you, I'm back on surgical pathology! Mwa ha ha ha ha. And still without a home computer. I'm looking at a hard drive wipe, but I'm also looking at a device so buggy that it won't avoid the fatal errors for the two days it would take to do a full back up onto my external. Le Sigh.

I'm also left with the quandary of having that Dr. Horrible link come up as one of the first things I see, because I could probably watch Slipping and Bad Horse on repeat for as long as it would take me to fix my home computer.

But instead I'll say, I went to Costa Rica! Woo hoo!! After fruitless years as an anthropology major with an advisor who was a big primatology guy, as well as two years in Grenada and a trip to the Philippines, I'm finally gonna see some frigging monkeys!

Dammit. It's like they know. We went to this one beach where I overheard a guide say to a group "You need to be careful about leaving belongings on the beach. The monkeys will open your bags and rummage through them."

Monkeys are actually a *problem* in this country. But for me? No monkeys.

However, as I was walking through a particularly scenic rainforest, this guy nearly fell on me:

They're not graceful animals.

They also kind of look like Chewbacca and an orangutan had a drunken, regret filled night in Las Vegas. And died the result green.

I heard a cracking noise above me, and something crashed down out of the trees. When I saw it was a sloth, I had a brief insane moment where I whipped my camera out and was like "I need to get this picture before it gets away". Then I took like 25 pictures because... sloth.

We also stayed in a place that looked like this:

And I did this:

So I'm thinking f- the monkeys.

Anyway, I'm late to bed but the short of it is:
Costa Rica= awesome
Blood bank rotation= awesome
Having a week of Xmas vacation over surge path= awesome
Having additional source of income= awesome
Getting to go to Houston for the holidays to see extended family for the first time in forever= awesome
Seeing mom in Maryland over Thanksgiving and learning fun-facts about the Amish= awesome
Being back in surge path= This time will be totally different! What's that ominous music?
Dad back in hospital for Thanksgiving= unawesome

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