Oct 8, 2011

Ishie 2.5, the Reboot

Wow, where to even start.

I've been smiling a lot lately. That's been out for a while.

So essentially, as you've no doubt been guessing, the first month of residency was okay, the next two months systematically broke me, and now, I'm building myself back up with a great deal of help from starting a blood bank rotation, aka, "Now you can rest and learn about what you've been doing for the last three months".

The last week of surg path was actually pretty good for me. The surgeons gave me a break, PLUS I finally started to feel a little more confident in my skill level which spelled not getting home at midnight which spelled not getting snarked at by the fellow which spelled being able to get to lectures in the morning which spelled not sobbing uncontrollably into a pancreas.

As part of the whole "I'm not going to be that person anymore" thing, I chopped all my hair off, gave it to Locks of Love, and told the stylist to do whatever she wanted with it so long as it was short and some variety of red, so my 'do looks a bit more like Ed in my profile picture, which I kinda love. My hair's never been this short before, and never this successfully red, since I tried to dye it myself in high school with clairol and it ended badly.

But the big news: I GOT A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even properly express how big this is to me. I haven't owned any type of car in over two years, and I haven't had regular access to one in over four years. I've had rentals and Zipcars and etc, but never MY CAR which I can do whatever I want to with, with the loan in *my* name. And it's a new car, which I've also never had before, since some variety of witchcraft and the economy has led to used cars holding their value to an insane extent and the financing is better on a new car.

And he's so pretty. I named him Dexter because it sprang to me and it fit, so now he's Dexter forever. He has automatic *nothing*. I was so desperately afraid of getting taken advantage of and snake oiled, since I have *literally* never done this before that I went in with a paper full of Kelley Blue Book values and was like "NO. No power windows. No power locks. No trunk light. You're lucky I'm caving on not having manual transmission. I know the base price of this vehicle and I'm sticking to it" To his credit, the salesman was like "O..kay." When the maintenance guy went through the orientation with me, he kept checking his list going "Uh... well the cruise cont... no.. Um... so... this is how you turn on the air conditioner."

Which was the only feature I care about. Charleston is hot 6 months of the year and excruciatingly hot for another 3 months.

I still bike to the hospital, because it's genuinely faster, but ARGH SO GREAT. I hadn't realized how much I had completely adapted my life to be carless, and how much I would absolutely adore going back to a vehicle life. Example... I can use shopping carts again. I haven't had much of a use for them when people haven't been bussing me around because whatever I can carry in the store is what I need to either shove into a backpack or load up my arms with. Most of the food I've purchased in the last three months has been cylindrical because it fits well in my bag. "Hmm... I'd get this head of lettuce, but that's going to get crushed. More olives, cookie dough and wine. Perfectly shaped."

And I love Trader Joe's and Whole Foods because I'm gradually turning into a hipster f-tard, and in Charleston, they're inexplicably next to each other and now I can fill up my car with fancy schmancy stuff from them and stock the essentials from Costco, on the same trip, without holding someone up for an hour to watch me shop. And as much as I loved those stores, it was totally out of my biking range here, and in New York, anything obtained by them had to be carted home with upper body strength. Even in Grenada, my grocery abilities were limited by how much stuff I could haul onto a bus during a rainstorm.

Can you tell I'm excited? Also on the exciting scale, I got doctor treatment at the car lot, which I didn't even know was a thing since the "Catch me if you Can" days. Usually it seems to be more the assumption that I have way more money than I do with a general thought that my salary (heh) is what's wrong with health care today. My credit got pushed through without a lecture on not spending four years running up revolving debt AND installment debt, and I got a lower interest rate than any average I looked up, and as I tried to look tough in my little blue dress while pretending I know how cars work, the guy was like "Oh... credit check for DR. Sancho. You're a full MD right?" "Uh... yes?" and then boom.

I keep driving across the big bridge in Charleston just because I can now.

Okay, that's it for now. So long story short. Life. Not sucking. Stay tuned.


R said...

Hooray for happiness and cars and other grown-up things! Keep rockin' it - you're giving me something to look forward to!

Anonymous said...

New short red hair pics, pls. :D