Sep 20, 2011

Monday Monday, not as bad as before...

I'm afraid to jinx this streak though since we're on a three day cycle, bad days tend to beget bad days and good days tend to beget good days, but today ruled. I was on top of my game, the specimens were few and far between, and I didn't put stab myself with anything.

My patient car-owning roommate also took me to Costco, which is a store I've been gradually discovering in bits and pieces and am filling more with love for it. I'm also stocked in pasta, meat, and beer for the next month, with the added benefit of not having to bungee it onto the back of my bike and steer it through the ghetto. A twofer.

A short update, but hopefully a more reassuring one.

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Anonymous said...

Great News !! We all told you so ... Keep on plugging on..