Oct 10, 2011

A quick and unrelated gripe

since work is going so well. My blood bank attending is super cool and is a man who spent most of my first interaction with him talking about falconry because as the saying goes, you may think a man is awesome, but you don't KNOW he's awesome until he talks about being in Ireland with a giant f-off bird sitting on his wrist. He spent today going into exquisite detail about blood groups and (drumroll), I actually understood him. This is stuff I didn't even bother trying to learn in medical school because it's so complicated. And... I'm liking it. Between this and veering toward hemepath, I may end up being *that* pathologist.

Speaking of blood, that leads me to my latest gripe. My beloved Dexter is back on, and has named my car. And I love the movie channel shows because they seem to be much better in quality than the other shows, plus, hey, bonus sex, violence, and profanity.

Problem being that these shows often go on extremely extended breaks since there aren't as many episodes in a season, thus spend the entire first 1-2 hour-long episodes expositing awkwardly while having conversations no sane person (or serial killer) would have.

"Remember, we want to go back to being friends again."
"Yes. Like before the divorce."
"Yes, before when we were just friends, but then friends that did it, but then got married, but then got unmarried and hit the reset button."
"I would like that very much. Let's talk about the paths our careers have taken over the past year even then we've both presumably been here every day and have seen each other."
"Yes indeed. I would like that a lot. Isn't it a shame about all those significant events in the last five years that have happened to our friend?"
"Yes! And our tech has interns! He is so wacky. I like how he is sexist but in a benign and humorous way."
"Me too!"
"He is such a quirky contrast to our other friend who is totally normal."
"Yes, it's a shame our normal friend keeps disappearing late at night to go fishing. And says weird pointed things out loud while staring off into space and talking to his dead father about suspected killers who keep vanishing."
"And how!"
"Isn't it great how we're no longer sexually attracted to each other?"
"Sure is!"

Gods, make it stop. If new viewers want to know what happened for the last five years they can:

A. Watch the first "previously, on movie channel show" bit that's like ten minutes long.
B. Reference a Wikipedia page that will cover all the plot points, probably feature pictures of the major characters, and possibly expound on the recurring thematic elements and how they relate to an arcane Elizabethan play, depending on the employment status of the contributor.
C. Watch whatever they missed on Netflix in chronological order.


That is all.


Anonymous said...

Ishie's back and has written things!



Ishie said...

If this is a Hyperbole and a Half reference, you are officially awesome.

If not, you're still awesome... but perhaps unofficially so.