Mar 17, 2011

First choice!!!!!!!!

Pathology in Charleston, SC. Mega ecstasy bliss!!!!!!!

Partying now!!!!!


thuc huynh, md said...

congrats !

Spice Island Queen said...

so happy for you, congrats!

CJ said...

Mega-congrats! Again, I hope my post reads something similar in a few years except path, emerg/IM/paeds and US and Melbourne.

All the best and I look forward to continuing reading about your new adventures.

Anonymous said...

congrats ishie! thanks for all your advice given in this blog. hopefully i ill be in your position 4 years from now :)

A said...

Doesn't get much better than that, Ishie...mega congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ishie,

hope the partying is going well! I just saw the match list at sgu, and its impressive to say the least. A lot of people got new york and jersey as expected, but I saw very little people returning to california. when does the match process end? are people still in the scramble. How do the rest of the 29% of others that didn't match find residencies?
Thanks again!

Ishie said...

First off, thanks everyone again!!! I'm really happy.

Anon: California can be a little tricky, both because of demand to live there, and because they require the PTAL, which takes a long time to process and costs over $500, so people may either wait a year, or, like me, figure they might go back for fellowship or something.

The scramble officially ends on Match Day (the 17th), but there still may be open spots after it. Spots may become vacant at certain residencies, etc.

SGU doesn't have 29% of people not match; there are a few people every year that don't, but most of the statistics are made up by people that prematched. The school's trying to list more of them now, but not all are recorded, and for a while they didn't have the successful scrambles recorded.

For those that get nothing, you can keep hammering on program directors and look at residencyswap for program openings, or a lot of people try to strengthen their CV with research and try again the next year.

richhuang said...

Congratulations!!! I am starting SGU SOM this August. And I am very much interested in becoming a pathologist as well. Do you have any advice for me (eg. where I should go for electives, with whom I should rub shoulders)? You can reach me at Thank you. :-)