Mar 31, 2011

Capitalism marches on...

After some end of school celebration (and what may be a case of pink eye), I decided one of my first acts as a doctor should be to attach something mercenary to my blog with the sole interest of getting money in the bank. If anyone wants me after this, I'll be overcharging Medicaid for unnecessary tests and double billing the whole thing. Bwa ha ha ha!!!!!

But for now, I'm keeping it to the google ads, which incidentally, if you click on them, I get money. If you do not click on them, the money is given to a fund dedicated to sucker-punching blinded war orphans. I know, I thought it was extreme too.

So that's my little plea to you fine people. Feel free to ignore it as readily as I ignore the little punks at Atlantic terminal that want 20 bucks from me for their "team uniforms".

In other news, I'm... working, speaking of capitalism. Friday, I'll be hanging, and Saturday, I'll be helping with and attending my very first baby shower. And no, it isn't for me. Any suggestions from you seasoned partyplanners? I'm told these things don't usually involve three crates of homebrewed beer and male strippers, so my hands are just completely tied here.

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