Mar 6, 2011

Everyone's leaving :(

Since I'm January class, people are finishing their clinicals at vastly different times since you can do anything from back to back everything and finish by December 31st or stretch the pain out until the beginning of June if you want scads of time off.

Everyone's also running really low on cash since all that extra time gives us loan check-less windows, so people are gradually dispersing back to their respective homes, which is sad. I know I'll see them again at graduation, but still. It's Grenada all over again; I get busy for a few days and then three people have left and I'm like "Wait... you're... gone? For reals? Oh..."

As of March 25th, I'm done with school. Forever. That is extremely frigging weird.

Less than two weeks until Match Day now. There's just really not much to say.

So what have I been up to then... I got to make and bottle my own beer for the first time, so now I'm the proud owner of 20 22oz bottles of dark beer, an amsterdam style and a wheat beer. I was part-creator of the wheat beer.

I'm doing radiation oncology, which is hitting me in the face with a whole new realm of medicine I knew absolutely nothing about, barring the words "prostate cancer". Usually I can BS along when being pimped, but this week's question was "Do you know what a linear accelerator is?" In what was probably the most intelligent answer, I've *ever* given, I cleanly stated "No." Not even going to try, homeboy.

I've gotten to be in the room where they actually give the radiation (not *while* they give it. In contrast to most of the giant intimidating machines in radiology, this one not only says "Danger" on the door, but "GRAVE Danger". Yikes). In fairness, the patients come out of it with little to few symptoms. In set up, it looks like a room where someone would try to kill James Bond.

This rotation has its own physicist... like PhD only, locked in a dark room surrounded by books with more diagrams than words and computers physicist.

I think this also may be the one field of medicine I genuinely couldn't do. While pathology is my life's love, I feel like with appropriate training, I *could* be a proficient surgeon, internist, dermatologist, hell, even pediatrician, but if you stick me in a room with the hard sciences and ask me to run quality control on a computer that is calculating frequencies and wavelengths on gamma rays that are being aimed at genitals, I am absolutely one hundred percent going to kill someone. I can't even divide a bar tab.

On a related note, anyone know anything awesome going on in NYC for Mardi Gras that's cheap? And no, $40 isn't cheap.


heyroth said...

Ahhhh, been following this blog forever. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what a linear accelerator is and your dad was a physicist! Way to listen to your old man!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get matched! I can't wait to see where you're going to end up. I'm applying to sgu this summer for the fall class. shitty 3.1 gpa from UCLA prob won't get me into a u.s. school. don't want to waste time in a masters, and dont want to wait a yr applying.. when i prob wont get in. not to mention, I'm 21 and not getting any younger. anyways good luck! can't wait for the results! <3

Ishie said...

Heyroth: Thanks!!!

Dad: Did you see the physical sciences section of my MCAT? Not to mention the whole levers and fulcrums fiasco.

Anon: 21 and you're not getting any younger? Good god, I'm old enough for my doctor to lecture me on not having kids.

3.1 is rough for US schools; need a stellar MCAT, experience, preferably a publication, and a broad application net. But SGU has been a blast.

Good luck!