Jan 5, 2010

New Year; New Rotation

Greetings people-recently-incarcerated-on and people-recently-freed-from Grenada! And all you other lovelies as well.

I just started my pediatrics rotation which is screwing me up by being way more difficult than I thought, while having attentive and interested attendings and residents, which makes me actually want to try hard at it, despite my love of things that are dead and jammed under a microscope, while this rotation has an abundance of loud squirmy pink things. That all have bronchiolitis. I'm giving myself about 3 days before I'll inevitably catch the upper respiratory tract grown-up version of it from the little tykes.

But now, it's my fabulous roomie's birthday, so yet again, I'm off.

Hope you're all having a wonderful new year!

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