Dec 20, 2009

The review you've been waiting for...

I know I know; not enough blog updates and all that, but I figured after such a long hiatus, I should at least get in the *important* information.

Avatar didn't suck. I know! I saw the whole Smurf Trail of Tears thing and was extremely skeptical, expecting to be, at best, "World of Warcraft: the Movie" (not necessarily a bad thing, mind you), but was pleasantly surprised, and ended up getting drawn in, predictable plot and all. And heads up for the Xena war cry for all you 90s babies out there. But blah blah; google it. I can't think of any more positive reviews that haven't been said and I can't think of anymore jokes about the alien cat creatures that weren't made a month ago, so hey.

Annnnnd I finally got to see my boyfriend after months and meet his parents, which is one of those weird things you don't think about until you realize you've been on the Rock or in different states for the better part of three years and relationshipp-al milestones get delayed or shifted around. Oh the hazards of medical school.

Speaking of medical school, a couple of you readers out there who haven't given up on me and didn't get here by googling "Avatar" and "World of Warcraft" (greetings, fellow geeks!) might be curious as to that whole OB-Gyn thing I was doing for the last six weeks.

Well, for starters, there's a reason I haven't been out for weeks and it's because I haven't been out for weeks. Well, except when I've been sleeping, which is when I've been out. And the stories to tell are quite like when I worked in a morgue in that by the time I've tamed down the disgusting for a regular audience, there's nothing left to tell. I can compare OB-Gyn to being in an anatomy lab by saying that preserved bodies are WAY less goopy than giving birth. I can think of only two occasions in the lab despite four years of being there where I felt like I could get hit with a literal wave of something disgusting, but in OB, that was a daily concern.

On the other hand, people in OB-Gyn tend to be far happier. Even in the gyn department because there's stuff that goes from being a daily quality-of-life-destroying ordeal to pretty much fixed with a surgery and a few office visits. Not all, mind you, but certainly more than get fixed in a morgue.

I also ended up with three calls rammed very close together through a combination of factors, which had me working resident-hours. On those calls, weird crap seemed to go down so rather than having a few hours to sleep, there'd be a crash section or an ectopic pregnancy or something like that because women simply cannot have issues at any normal time of day. Still though, it was awesome. What's nice about OB-Gyn too, at least at my hospital, is you frequently feel useful. MORE useless if you aren't good at something because you were attempting to perform a necessary function, but if they say hold retraction on a surgery, they actually need someone to do it. Granted, it's always a medical student, but if you aren't there, someone will get stuck doing it. They sometimes need us to help interview people in triage if they get backed up. They need scut stuff, which can be annoying, but also gives you something to do and makes you feel like part of the team.

So I was a fan. Not enough of a fan to give up my love of microscopes, definitive diagnoses, and avoiding talking to annoying patients face to face (ie, pathology), but enough to keep me entertained. The oral exam was a little frightening, but I felt like I held my ground. But the hours were also heinous enough that the coming two weeks of holiday time not only makes me leap with joy, but at times, I barely know what to do with myself because I have free time again. Probably study for peds. The bastards broke me.

But winter... it's SNOWING! Like a LOT. Like feet and feet of it. Like having to get home from boyfriend's parents' hotel required a driver with a car that looked like it was used to transport heads of state. Like I need to buy boots that aren't suede *tomorrow*. And I know I'll incur the wrath of all native New Yorkers here, but it's cool! It probably won't be cool mid February when I'm trudging through the snow at 5 in the morning for my surgery rotation, but for Christmas? Woot!


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nothing wrong with World of Warcraft while at TBHC!

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