Jan 26, 2010

Justifications for violence

I have a nice long blog out there waiting for you people, but it's put on hold because of the above, and the recurrence of a virus I've been fighting off solidly for three days and off and on for a week has made a sick and cowardly surge that severed my connection briefly, so I will, be brief...

I prefer to live in a civilized society where people settle things with discourse, and barring that, insults against the opponent's mother. That being said, the unique creators of Internet Security 2010 virus need to be hauled out of their mothers' basements by an angry mob of syphilitic wolverines, otherwise known as the closest thing to women these f*tards are ever going to get, have a team of angry medical students rip their naughty bits asunder with lemon-tipped dull scalpels, and then get beaten to death with the same buggy Dell computers they've rendered useless in their relentless pursuit of my credit card information before having their corpses spit on with smug satisfaction by all the mac users saying "Oh, our computers don't get viruses".

I'm reasonably sure that if I can televise the demise of the Internet Security 2010 virus assembly crew, I will make enough off the proceeds to buy an insanity plea AND a sparkling new Macbook.

So, off to sleep so I can head off to another day of working with children. Let that one roll around in your heads for a while.

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