Mar 12, 2009

USMLE hypertensive crisis time...

Though probably not as much as in a couple of weeks.

Because I firmly believe that procrastination will cause all problems to eventually resolve themselves, I waited until now to schedule my appointment for the USMLE, which will commence on March 27th. As I discovered that my testing site is available at the right time AND that there's a site only an hour and a half from me rather than the three hours I was initially expecting, this all seems like good stuff, but somehow hitting the "Confirm" button made it all seem very very real.

So I'm torn between the relief that it's all going to be over with along with a more acute version of the stress I felt when I was about to take off for Grenada the first time, only that time, my entire future wasn't determined by how well I can perform for 8 hours.


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Dibasic said...

Good luck for the exam, I jotted down a little post with a little last minute advice: