Mar 21, 2009

Broad spectrum WTF

Okay, so it's been a mood swingy sort of day for me for no increasing reason other than the whole taking the step 1 in a week thing.

So I get my mood leveled off to "could be mistaken for catatonic schizophrenia instead of paranoid schizophrenia and I can only differentiate between the two now because I'm anal retentive and went on a snipe hunt on Wikipedia after seeing it in the book" and so in a full state of passive anhedonia, decided to take the NBME 2, which alleviated my stress by having my frigging internet flip out in the middle of it several times, including having it do "loading next question" for like 10 minutes, and then bringing it to a "can not be viewed" page. That helps the stress out, like hugely. Because nothing calms your nerves like trying to take a mock practical and having the computer bug out.

The Suddenlink people advertise that they have the "most improved" customer service. They never say "best".

So come out post exam having finally gotten the internet to cooperate after 4 hours of chewing cinnamon gum until it dissolves and that cat starts yowling at me because she thinks it'd be awesome to pick now to go into heat.

I had a little breakdown on that because my moods weren't unstable enough, so I get on a whole "I hate my life; I miss the Rock; I need a paying job, dammit" thing for a while, and that improves, so I'm back. For now.

So then on the broad spectrum WTF and speaking of animals in heat (and a tie in to my other WTF article on the weird upswing in bestiality spam mails), I see this article attached to my Yahoo mail, because since I'm studying, it only likes to tell me about the really important news stories.

Now, instead of trying to figure out which of 17 billion cephalosporins I would use for a self-limited infection, I'm stuck trying to figure out what the most fucked up part of this story is, because it's a toss up; it is.


Caseysmom said...

I had to laugh at the cat in heat. I have 2 females in the house. One is almost 3 years old, she just came out of heat. The other is a little over a year old, she came in to heat after the older one. But shes not as bad as the older one and her meow is not as loud as the older one. My older cat seems to come in heat ever 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...


this is completely random but I'm at SGU as well and I was told to find Dexter for rides to Fish friday so as I was googling Fish Friday + Dexter, I came across your blog. Would you happen to still know how to contact Dexter? If so, could you please tell me? Thanks! and good luck on the USMLE...i'm not looking forward to it! >.<

Ishie said...

CM: lol, this one's a Siamese, so you can imagine.

Anonymous: Thank you! I'm not looking forward to it either. Heh.

I don't remember Dexter's number off the top of my head, though I had it programmed into my phone, only that there's a "666" in the number, which probably doesn't help much. I'd bring it up, but I already gave away my GND phone. Have fun at Fish Friday! Get some frybake.

RedBird said...

Thoughts while reading the article:

1.Because banning something has always been so effective a deterrent in the past?

3. why isn't this considered animal cruelty?

2.exactly how will banning sex with dogs protect children again?

3. isn't that like saying "pedophiles like ice cream. If we ban ice cream, there ill be no more pedophiles."

4. Wait - how will banning sex with dogs protect children? Does not compute.

Caseysmom said...

I do not know that much about Siamese. I think they are beautiful kitties. But my Mom always said Siamese were mean. I don't know how she knew, because we never had siamese.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ishie,
Just wanted to send you some good karma in preparation for your exam. Trust in your training. I'm back on the rock in May and Sept for two weeks each of limin'.
Best wishes,

RedBird said...

Hey Ish - I can't remember exactly when you're doing it, but good luck on your test!

Ishie said...

Dr Bob! Que pasa? Thank you for the good karma; I'll need it. I already miss the Rock, believe it or not!

RedBird: Friday! EEK! And thank you! Good luck on the continuing battle through fourth term!