Mar 18, 2009

TV Update

I pretty much have two strategies for USMLE relaxation since I can't be trusted out of the house, out in daylight, or anything else that would remove me from the list of impending symptoms of a psychotic breakdown, and they are: Watching Red Dwarf and Watching Scrubs.

Ooh, the excitement. My other "break" consists of the constant rollercoaster of emotion that is USMLE World, which is a high yield question bank that has an extremely steady pimp hand.

What I'm learning from my tv habits (other than that I'm a loser) is that I really really love Red Dwarf... I know I've mentioned this, but I've watched it enough that it's actually comforting. Like in 2nd term (when I was also crazy), I'm freaking using it to go to sleep, like children would use a 1980s British sci fi themed blankie. I think it's the accents, and the wish fulfillment that is Lister, since he's an unwashed curry-stuffed space bum, which is kind of what I want to do with my life right now.

Other thing I'm learning... I know she's like the "smart sexy doctor type", but the more Scrubs I watch, the more I'm really really hating Elliot Reid. Like more than 13 from House, because unlike 13 she's often likable (and hasn't killed anyone's dog), and then mixes that up with being a female-stereotyped man-chewing bitch for no reason while remaining a 'heroine'. Gods. I don't try to be a self-hating female-doctor-archetype uh.. hater, but Scrubs and House make it very very difficult. I like *actual* female doctors just fine.

So that's my life. Oh, and Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Join me in a little over a week when I deliberately and systematically destroy every brain cell I've hypertrophied since January. Yeeeeahhh!

Oh yeah, doom date on March 27th. I'm so happy it's going to be over with, I'm forgetting to panic. Oh wait, I'm not... but I have a doctor bear Dave sent me as moral support, so it sits on my keyboard when I do USMLEWorld.

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